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Halo Sis Cathy, I have found Peacemakers Word very inspiring...I am going to pass on these powerful messages to as many people as possible. For sure God is using you as a powerful tool to reach out to His people from far and beyond. The messages are changing people's lives...I do experience that personally. May God continue to use you and your ministry in a mighty way. May Soulfelt's Dance ministry continue to touch lives of many. God bless you.
--Sis. Betty from Kenya


[3/08] Hello dearest sister [Catherine]. Since you prayed over our little girl Annie, she has started showing passion for worship. I am looking forward to seeing her developing the gift that you imparted in her."
--H. Lindor-Celebration Church - Charlestown, MA


Thank you Catherine! It is my honor and pleasure to be part of the outreach group! As you know, this is something that I have wanted to do for ages and finally my dream comes true! Thank God for bringing you to Boston and starting this group!
--G. Chen - MA


(BOSTON 8/5/06) I am so happy..this is truly a blessing. I really enjoyed the spirit in the class and I really feel the Lord is speaking through you and your movements.
--Nancy C. - Roxbury,MA


(11/06 Boston) My first experience with the GospelDance workshops was STRANGE, I doubted myself for the first 30 minutes - suddenly as the Holy Spirit started working, my movements, my smile, the pleasant unity with other dancers and Catherine's positive gestures encouraged me to keep on moving. By the time it was over, I was moved to pay in advance for the next workshop! I was sure that my rich Father up above would guide me back to the GospelDance Workshop and He did!
--C. Casey


4/08 - I was told how powerful my movements were - I acknowledged you [Catherine and SoulFelt].. because you have taught me more than dance, you've taught me what the ministry is all about - and I thank you!
--M. Medina-Defenders of the Faith


(BOSTON 7/15/06) Thanks so much Catherine. We really, really enjoyed the workshop and are looking forward to future classes. My daughter and I left there feeling revived, blessed and spiritually moved. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you as you do what He's called you to do!
--Lisa - Taunton, MA


I have known Catherine for some time now and have had the pleasure of sitting through two recitals of SoulFelt Expression. The experience has moved me to tears. The music and dancing is so beautiful--so much so that I find myself sitting at the edge of my seat, with my heart bursting with joy and wanting to jump to my feet to praise the Lord! I look forward to the next time because the experience is truly heart and soul felt.
--Isabel L., Brooklyn, NY


I am so thankful that God is also using you to deliver His word and minister to His people…especially me "Defying the Darkness” is a mighty, mighty word delivered through you...WHAT A BLESSING!!!!
--S. Chandler - Georgia


[Re: 6/11/05 event] Your performance was so beautiful at the cabaret, (High School of Performing Arts class of '85 reunion) incredibly touching and it felt like we all were being blessed by being able to watch you and those gorgeous young women dance!
--Annette, High School of Performing Arts alumni


[9/08] Catherine/SoulFelt...I just want to thank you for embracing me and having me on board with Soulfelt! It was truly a blessing and I took so much in... I feel as though God allowed you and the whole ministry in my life to minister to me..I am believing in God for a victorious testimony!
--Tiffany B.-Roxbury, MA


(BOSTON 8/5/06) Catherine, I really admire your nurturing method of teaching and your ability to admonish the young ones sternly, but with love. The workshop is alot of fun and truly a workout. The non-competitive atmosphere put me at ease instantly and I feel I can learn a great deal.
--Velma D.-Boston


(5/17/2005) This was my first time experiencing anything like I did on Saturday at your praise dancing concert. It was great and all our spirits were lifted. Catherine, keep on doing what you're doing because that's pretty amazing. It was definitely about giving all the glory to God-that was illustrated in your faces and your movements. God bless you!
--T. Lattimore, Queens, NY


(July 10, 2004 program) My brother and dad loved it. They talked about the choreography and how beautiful it was. They especially liked the scriptures spoken before the songs played. They said you could feel the presence of the Lord in the building. My friends liked the eye contact the dancers had with the audience. I really appreciate and love being a part of the SoulFelt group - even when Catherine works us hard!
--M. Francis - S.E. Dancer


(12/06-NYC) Catherine, the dance concert was awesome! My boyfriend and I really enjoyed ourselves. I was moved to tears...I was truly touched by all the dancers and the singers were captivating. The entire show was a ministry to my soul and it was a blessing to witness to such powerful rejoicing of the love of God.
--C. Gibbs


(12/06-NYC) The celebration was beautiful! I felt so good when I left. I felt like I cleaned my soul! Let me know when you have the next concert.
--L. Cash


All I could say is WOW! Your ministry has grown so much. We all know who the praises belong to! May God continue to use you...May he always direct the path that you are leading His children...I can see that you have your hands full and a destiny to fulfill doing God’s will for His people. My sister be continually Blessed in God’s Will and Purpose...
--D. Hetherington -NYC


(2/2011) Catherine, our God is so awesome. I'm always amazed that He sends His Word right on time. I'm so encouraged and was truly blessed by the "Attitude of Love" message. Be blessed
--Chanda T. - Bklyn, NY


As a liturgical dancer who had not danced in several years, I was nervous about getting started again. The GospelDance Workshop helped me to confront my fear and joyfully return to praising God through dance. While I'm still a tad rusty, I praise God for the love of the instructor, Catherine and my fellow classmates. I didn't feel persecuted if I missed or created my own movement. We were all there to worship God and it showed!
--L. Wright


My daughter, Nairobi, joined the Dreamboats program in 2001 at age 7. She then became a part of SoulFelt's outreach group in 2002. She loves praise dancing and learning something new every week. She admires Ms. Catherine because she takes dancing for God seriously and loves sharing what she knows with her students. As a parent I love the look on my daughter's face during the yearly recitals. She works hard but most of all they are dancing unto the Lord. I believe that God is well-pleased with the direction Ms. Catherine is leading the dance groups.
--Monica Green, parent - Brooklyn, New York


Central Brooklyn Churches extends a heartfelt appreciation to SoulFelt Expression's praise dancers for performing during our concert held on 3/19/04. It is abundantly clear that you invest time and energy into the development of the young girls that comprise the SoulFelt Expression. May God continue to richly bless your creative talents and vision for spiritual artful expression.
--LeRoi L. Gill - Executive Director


[Re: 5/14/05 dvd] It was awesome! Congratulations again, wonderful presentation, keep doing it! I know I was blessed from just watching the video, can imagine how the audience must have felt being there live!
--Dalis W., Elmont, NY


(July 10, 2004 program) This was the MOST wonderful event I have witnessed this year. I haven't seen much Praise Dancing, but you sure put a very good light on it for me and my daughters. My 6 year old was in awe and talked about it for the rest of the weekend. I distributed some of your cards and programs among my friends who I think would appreciate it. Your spirit is awesome, keep it up.
--J. Carter - Bklyn, NY


(Re: 5/14/05 dance concert) I was blessed to the fullest. I was so proud of my daughter and just thanking God for letting our path cross again. My girlfriend wants to also send her daughter. I just can't stop talking about it!
--Machell W., Bklyn, NY


5/18/05 Cathy, I wanted to let you know that the praise dance program was such a blessing! I enjoyed myself so much. Nathan and the family can't stop talking about it. They loved it! I'm also a little sad because it ends 2004-2005 session. Are you sure you want to give the dancers a break?! (smile) All the disciplining you did was well worth it! Love you much
--F. James, parent - Bklyn, NY


I'm continually amazed by how much the dancers have blossomed throughout the year! Even the youngest dancers have the poise and grace of professionals - a real tribute to Ms. Catherine since most have no former training. The SoulFelt spirit of praise is infectious. They 5/15/05 show (and the SoulFelt program in general) left me mesmerized, uplifed and wantigng more, more, more!!
--L. Brown, NY & Wash, D.C.


Dreamboats Dance Workshop is a great experience to introduce young girls in the celebration of praising God through dance. It can build their self-esteem and encouraged a spirited effort to perform as a group.
--Lynda Robinson, parent - Brooklyn, New York


Awesome! My spirit was lifted, encouraged and edified! I can't wait to see what else God has in store for you, because this is just the beginning!
--Nicole Lespoir - Asbury Park, NJ (re: June, 2003 SoulFelt Expression recital video)


In 2001, I was asked to dance at Victory Christian Tabernacle for a Christmas program. This was my first outreach engagement and needless to say I didn't know that another dancer would be ministering. In all honesty I felt a little intimidated, but when I met Catherine I knew she was spirit-filled and my anxieties diminished. I believe that it was the will of the Lord that I join SoulFelt under the leadership of Catherine. In addition to my blessed dance ministry at Macedonia AME Church I also look forward to dancing with S.E. Outreach, where my spirit continues to be lifted through dance and the Word. My prayer is that God will continue to keep His hand on Catherine and to continue to enlarge her territory.
"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, ..." (excerpt of James 1:17)
--Shannon Demoss - Director, Macedonia AME Dance Ministry
& S.E. dancer


(5/18/05) God's messengers come in many forms. Some deliver the message in the form of art, some through music, some with written word. SoulFelt delivers the word of God through the dance. Each movement ministers to the spirit and encourages you to want to hear more from God. Thank God, Catherine was open, willing and ready to hear the call. We are all blessed because of it.
--A. Lyles, Bklyn, NY


Hey people! God is always watching us and I will always love Him. He continues to bless us! God is in my dance. My teacher, Ms. Cathy is blessed and she will always be in my heart because she has been very helpful. I love her and feel really happy about the group. God bless SoulFelt Expression.
--Akira Trotman - age 9
S.E. Outreach dancer


A heartfelt congratulations on the launching of an excellent website. The Bedford Stuyvesant community is fortunate to have SoulFelt Expression...what a blessing! I have certainly seen the growth, having attended one of the earlier recitals. Wishing you continued success from one Performing Arts High School alumnus to another.
-- Delva Haynes - Bklyn, NY


[Dorchester 1/07]- This was an amazing experience! I went in telling myself "I have two left feet" but the Word brought by Sis. Catherine and testimonies shared by all touched my heart and changed my thinking. I am a tool for God's glory, all I have to do is be obedient and He will do the rest. Thank you and can't wait until our next meeting!
--Luz B.-Defenders Church


(July 10, 2004 program) - Oh, how I enjoyed myself! The Holy Spirit was sure up in the house. The tears, which is my way of releasing, were flowing. Although I sing with the Inspirational Choir, I now feel the need pass your program on to share the many ways in which we can share and praise God. God is awesome!
--J. Adams - Bklyn, NY


The SoulFelt Dance Group is on fire for God, reaching out and touching many people and facets of our community. They bring joy and love from the divine source within them to share it with others. The method may change but the message is still the same. We can praise God not only in words and songs but through dance. As they perform inspiring dances a transformation that takes place in them and the audience.
--F.L. West - Bklyn, NY


At first I was very unenthused about attending ANOTHER dance recital after seeing so many. BUT after experiencing SoulFelt Expression's praise dancers in 2002 and 2003, I found them to be anything but just another "dance recital". SE lifted my spirit and touched me in such a way that I can only say the troupe is truly anointed. I plan to include SE in my summer plans with my favorite restaurant, friends and family! I wish SE continued success and an abundance of blessings!
--Vickie Gibson - Bklyn, NY


(5/22/05) Grace and Peace, I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the dance ministry that I experienced at First AME Zion Church. It was highly anointed and the spirit of God was in all the dances ministered. Thank you for a great experience.
--charm1026 (anonymous)


The first time I met Catherine, she and my daughter, Phoebe were both guest artist for the Lions Club Annual Black History Breakfast in 2003. Upon seeing the spirituality that was evident throughout her dancing, I knew I had found the dance instructor for my daughter. Since I am Christian, to see a very talented dancer whose style incorporates scriptures and prayer was a blessed find. I am very happy with the advancement of my daughter's dancing skills. Thank you Catherine for teaching our children that "they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them." (Philippians 4:13)
--Rochelle J. Richardson- parent, Bklyn, NY


I have been with Dreamboats since 1996. I am 16 years old now and still have the same interest I had back then. Dancing with SoulFelt has bought me to see a greater image, that dancing is not just something I can do, but something I love and enjoy doing. SoulFelt's choreography has given me a chance to express myself from the inside out which has taken time. Ms. Cathy has inspired me throughout the years to dance the blessings which God has given me and not just show my talent. To see Ms. Cathy dance truly moves me within. It has been a pleasure, RATHER a privilege to be here throughout the years.
--Gianna Louis - S.E. Outreach dancer


Im so grateful and glad to be a part of this ministry. It is such a privilege and honor to have the opportunity to express my love for my Lord my Savior and my Best Friend through what I most love to do. Catherine, I want you to know that God has SoulFelt to bless me and I pray that God blesses your heart for the wonderful work you are doing. Thanks for coming to Boston!
--Ariana Leite - Malden, MA


I'd like to commend Sister Catherine and Soulfelt Expression on the spirituality with which they express praise and worship through dance. I was introduced to SoulFelt when I attended the 2003 recital. I arrived a bit late, but was so blessed that I found a corner where I could join in the praise. I couldn't stay in my seat! I saw the glory of The Lord on many of the dancers' faces, and was overjoyed when my request to join was accepted. Be encouraged, Sis Cathy. You're doing an awesome work for Jesus.
Don't "come down" (Neh. 6:3.)
--Gwendolyn V. Edwards - S.E. dancer